The world of independent professionals is big news, and even bigger business.

Barely a day goes by that we're not reading another story attempting to settle one debate or another about the world of creatives and indie professionals:

Who are these people?  

The solo explosion is all about the millennials, who just won’t tolerate a traditional job in a traditional office working for a traditional employer

Nah, it’s the baby boomers, the most entrepreneurial generation in history, who are driving this trend toward economic independence.

How many are there?  

There are 40 million independent workers in the US. 

Wrong. Make that 70 million half of the American workforce.

What’s driving them?  

This is a life of insecurity forced on unprepared individuals who have been downsized. 

No, this is the reincarnation of The American Dream — find like-minded partners, create something that matters, make money, repeat.

There’s an opportunity for savvy marketers who can make sense of this large and growing phenomenon. The founders of The Solo Project have a two-decade head-start.

If you want to engage this market, The Solo Project is your partner

We have developed an unsurpassed combination of deep market knowledge and proven media skills.

To achieve each of our partners’ specific goals, we’ve created:

  • digital learning platforms
  • online expert networks
  • proprietary magazines
  • eBooks
  • live events
  • new visual and brand personas
  • rigorous research programs
  • customer-relationship tools
  • countless thought-leadership innovations

But what we do is engage audiences. We identify topical and relevant ideas, position them, package them, and tell them in a way that triggers conversation — a way designed to inspire action and implementation. That’s what breeds loyalty: Thought leadership that attracts attention, leads to action, and turns an audience into a community.

The Solo Project’s partners have spent decades at the intersection of innovation, entrepreneurship, media, consulting, teaching, and marketing. In addition, the partners have built a deep network of creatives and professionals — including economic researchers, graphic designers, writers, web developers, photographers, event designers and planners, videographers, infographic illustrators, and social media professionals. We draw on this network to design high-performing teams perfectly suited for each client’s plans and ambitions. 

What goals can we help you achieve?

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