We Wrote the Book on the Future of Work.

(it’s already here.)

In the face of the biggest workforce transition — the biggest work culture transition — in a century, the Knight Foundation commissioned The Solo Project to explore one question: What will it take for individuals and communities to prosper as we pass from the traditional, employer-based economy to the emerging independent one in which people design their own work, create their own jobs, and reinvent the workplace as we know it.

No surprise, one question blossomed into a hundred, and a year-long inquiry. The resulting book is here: the 2016 Solo City Report

What does the new world of work look like? It looks like this.

Get your copy of the solo city report

For an unequaled, full-throttle immersion in the new world of work, get the gorgeous print version of the inaugural Solo City Report — available at cost as part of the Knight Foundation/The Solo Project collaboration. 

What’s in it? 

• soft cover, 96 full-color pages
• coffee-table size
• lavishly illustrated
• the first-ever Register of national thought leaders and soloists whose contributions and work are driving the indie conversation
• up-to-the-minute data on the growth of the solo movement
• a brief on the key global drivers of independent work that urban leaders need to know
• mini-essays on 25 research findings
• how soloists view the indie lives they’re inventing
• provocative poll results about the opportunities and challenges of the solo life


The Solo City Report can be downloaded by section for easy printing and sharing, at no cost. Simply click on the image for each section below.

part 1

executive summary

What urban leaders need to know now to make their city a prime destination for the fastest growing segment of the workforce—indie professionals and creatives.

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THE Event

Highlights of a public town-hall meeting of 120 Boston-based soloists, including results of real-time polling, exploring the aspirations and challenges of a solo life.

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project design

A timeline identifying each stage of the Solo City project, including interviews with thought leaders and practitioners, themed roundtables, and a public town-hall event.

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THE phenomenon

An introduction to the dynamic, and growing, world of independent professionals and creatives. Plus, why the data about the independent workforce is so damn bad.

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THE findings

Twenty-five dispatches from a world in which people are inventing new ways to get work done, new places in which to work (and connect and learn), and new forms of organization.

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THE register

A guide to the soloists and place-makers, academics and economists, entrepreneurs and angels, policy makers and econ-dev professionals inventing our new world of work.

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...or enjoy the digital version

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